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'Fitness Facts and Tips' publishes high quality articles on fitness. Our team of editors reviews every article submitted and if it meets our tight guidelines it will be published. The articles published are authoritative, and are based on peer reviewed scientific reviews and analysis. You can be assured that the articles published here are based on quality information and reliable sources

'Fitness Facts and Tips' is focused fitness and training routines through gym work, home workout routines, resistance bands, running, walking, cycling, swimming and aerobics, rather than elite athletes and team sports.

The articles published are designed to provide general advice for the non-professional to begin a fitness program and to maintain their fitness.

All review articles and features are based on authoritative sources, with reference links back to the research studies so that readers can obtain additional information and backup advice.

All articles are reviewed regularly and updated with the latest information. Like many topics, there are many divergent views and seemingly conflicting information about fitness. We aim to provide balance in our articles and to present the two sides of arguments and debates. Similarly, we aim to be independent and are not biased or influenced in any way by our advertisers.

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